Our Sunday school program provides a number of electives including a class for men only, ladies only, college and career group, and several classes for both men and women, centered on a particular topic or book of the Bible.

Adult Sunday School (Fall Quarter)

Adult Elective:
Fundamentals of Faith
Teacher: Jim MacArthur
Men’s Discipleship Class:
Topic: The Mystery of God’s Will
by Chuck Swindoll
Teachers: Bill Ryan & Ken Zook
Pastor Jim’s Office
Men’s Bible Study Group:
Studying the Gospel of John
Teachers: Kyle Wetherhold & Mike Kelly
Youth House
Flourish Ladies Class:
Children of the Day, I & II Thessalonians
Teachers: Various
Room 6
Young Adult:
1 Samuel; The Lives of Samuel & Saul
by John MacArthur
Teachers: Various
Conference Room

Children’s Sunday School Classes

Nursery – Infants to 2 years Nursery
Toddlers – 2 & 3 year olds Room 4
Children – 4 & 5 year olds Room 5
Primary – 1st & 2nd graders Room 2
Middlers – 3rd & 4th graders Room 1
Juniors – 5th & 6th graders Room 7
Junior High – 7th – 9th graders Youth Room 8
Senior High – 10th – 12th graders Youth Room 8

A Song of Radical Thanksgiving

Psalm 138 is a song of praise and thanks in view of God’s love and promise-keeping faithfulness. Because of God’s promise and provision for us in Christ, we can rejoice in God’s grace with hearts full of hope and humility. In all circumstances, we can rest securely in our all-wise, ever-faithful Father who is “fulfilling […]


God’s People Scattered

The Church must fight the tendency to stop, set up shop, become stagnant, and start building it’s own “tower of Babel”. We are called to be scattered; to go and spread the love and truth of the Gospel.


Church: Offering

Giving of our tithes and offerings are a response to God’s goodness and is one of the essential activities of healthy Christian and a healthy church. We should desire to bring gifts of value and sacrifice which demonstrate our devotion.