Welcome to New Life Bible Fellowship Church

You may be looking for a new church, heard something about us and want to know more, or perhaps you found us through the internet.  Either way, welcome! We hope that you will take some time to explore our website and learn about who we are and how Christ is working in and through our church.

New Life Bible Fellowship Church is part of a group of approximately 60 churches, mainly in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, which have banded together to form the Bible Fellowship Church (BFC). More information is available through these websites: http://www.mybfc.org and www.bfchistory.org.

The Bible Fellowship Church acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of man. We believe that the Bible is the supreme and final authority of faith and conduct.

It is because of Jesus that New Life Bible Fellowship Church is a “Living Church with the Living Message”. New Life Church is a family-oriented church offering Christ-centered ministries for all ages. We believe we have a responsibility to be available to our friends and neighbors for biblically based faith, worship, and fellowship.

Articles of Faith

We are a particular church of the Bible Fellowship Church. As such we have a common statement of faith. Follow this link to our Articles of Faith.

Vision Statement

We are a community transformed by our faith as we passionately serve God to change the world around us.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Glorify God, Introduce people to new life in Christ and Grow together toward maturity in Him.

Core Values

Our core values are based on the truths of the Bible. The Bible is God’s inerrant and infallible Word, our source of authority and truth and the foundation for all that we believe and do. (2 Tim 3:16-17)

  • Love
    We strive to model Christian Love and Compassion in every aspect of our lives attempting to emulate Jesus Christ.

  • Faith
    We pursue sharing our passionate faith and hope in Christ with all people.

  • Servanthood
    We desire to serve others as we believe it is God’s work for every single believer. We understand we need to follow Jesus’ example and that all our actions should reflect the fact that He is not only our Savior but the Lord of our lives.

  • Authenticity
    We seek to be authentic and transparent in all our interactions with believers and non-believers alike.

  • Joyfulness
    We endeavor to be joyful in all aspects of life believing that God is with us.

  • Hospitality
    We seek to be friendly, generous and welcoming to all.