New Life 56

New Life 56


5th – 6th Grade


Jordan Mease

Teaching kids to follow Jesus.

Sunday School

Our Sunday school program, using curriculum from Answers in Genesis, aims to thoroughly equip preteens with the knowledge they need to develop their own faith and defend the truth of the Bible. We explore questions like how we know the Bible is true, how old the Earth is, and were there really dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? How does Christ fit in our lives today? We engage the children with discussions, games, hands on demonstrations and crafts.

56 Nights

56 begins with community time when kids can hang out and play games or just chill and chat. The organized game time that follows offers 56ers a choice between sports in the gym or board /card games in the 56 room. Once they re-group, they settle in for a look at God’s Word in order to be challenged with topics that are relevant to their specific age. After the lesson, we split into small groups to discuss what we just learned and talk about practical ways to apply it to our lives. Those who choose to memorize verses from the Bible are rewarded with a special event.

56 scheduled events include; attending professional sporting events, a trampoline park and a corn maze. 56 focuses on teaching service, through serving others at the Oley Fair, a canned food drive and serving at a rescue mission. We also have theme nights throughout the year that include missions, pizza, pirates, camo and snacks night.